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I LOVE recipes! I also love cooking and even more so I love eating! So I’m always on the lookout for recipe’s that are delicious and can fit into a healthy diet.

I recently came across this recipe on one of my favourite websites – Knorr’s “What’s for Dinner”:

What a winner for a cold winter’s evening! I have made a few adaptions to make it a bit kinder on the waistline, but don’t worry – it tastes JUST as good as the Original!

1. I swapped the beef goulash for ostrich goulash – ostrich is much lower in fat and cholesterol than beef. I also find that ostrich is nice and tender, just the way you want a curry to be!

2. I used lite coconut milk instead of the normal version. This will help reduce the saturated fat content of this meal.

Don’t be afraid to adapt good recipes to fit them into your meal plan or healthy lifestyle. Experiment with different variations to find the best match. When a recipe calls for cream, use a reduced fat version or substitute in yoghurt instead. Choose leaner cuts of meat and bulk up the meal with veggies. Don’t forget that small changes can make a big difference in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle!