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Eat breakfast

Often when you sleep later you skip breakfast and this can play havoc with your blood sugar levels later on in the day. Even if it’s a bit later than usual, be sure to squeeze in a nutritious breakfast!

Do something active

With summer upon us, there is no excuse to sit on the couch! Go for a hike, walk on the beach or in the neighbourhood park, or get busy in the garden and get your muscles working!

Choose healthy snacks

Instead of opting for chips, nuts and creamy dips, choose homemade popcorn or crudit̩ served with a healthy and low-fat dip Рperfect for a hot summer day!

Drink (water that is!)

Often you don’t drink as much over the weekend because you are out of your normal routine. Make sure you get in your 8 glasses to keep you hydrated and help control your appetite.


Make sure you use the time to unwind, especially at this time of year. De-stress and prepare for the week ahead. Starting the week on an energised note can make a huge difference to your health and well-being!

Happy weekend everyone, have a healthy one!