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Most of us know how much sugar is in a can of Coke -it’s something that receives much publicity!

What is often overlooked is the amount of hidden sugars in other household food staples. The image above has been doing the rounds on social media and is very insightful when analysing your sugar intake. It’s quite a shock to see how much sugar is in our much loved South African sauces!

While I am the first to acknowledge that food needs to taste good (boiled chicken and broccoli isn’t appetising to many of us!) this is a great tool to use to reflect on HOW you are flavouring your food.

These sauces are convenient, but use them with caution and think of other ways to flavour your meals. Use fresh or dried herbs and spices, chillis, tomatoes, garlic etc. rather than reaching for the bottle!

Contact Toni or Liana, Dietician’s in Cape Town, for more tips and guidelines for healthy eating!