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You know that you should drink more water, but it often seems like a chore! Store bought flavoured waters often contain loads of added sugar and preservatives, so what is the alternative? Flavouring your own water with fruit and veg can be a healthy and low-calorie way to add some zest to your H2

Here are some exciting ways to add flavour and freshness to a plain glass of still or sparkling water:

  • Add crushed ice and a few slices of lemon or lime
  • Mash up some berries and add it to a glass of ice cold sparkling water
  • Quarter an orange, squeeze in the juice and throw the segments into the jug with some ice
  • Roughly chop some mint, crush some ice and cube some lemon and throw it all together in a jug of water for a refreshing twist

Share your tips – how so you ensure you drink 8 glasses a day?