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After a few days of internet failure, I am finally back online. So rather late than never, this week’s Super Food Sunday (on a Tuesday) looks at Ostrich – a truly South African Super Food!

Ostrich is a healthy, delicious and nutritious alternative to beef, lamb and even chicken. It is lower in fat and cholesterol than its other animal protein counterparts, making it a heart-healthy choice. It is rich in Iron and has a perfect PH balance so is less likely to attract bacteria like E-Coli and Salmonella

Ostrich is freely available in most supermarkets in South Africa. You can purchase it as steaks, mince or diced pieces. Here are some healthy ideas of how you can incorporate Ostrich into your daily diet:

  •  Use Ostrich mince to make healthy pasta’s, meatballs or cottage pie (use butternut instead of potato to make it a great dinner meal.)
  • Cook savour mince and use it in wraps and sandwiches for hearty lunches
  • Use Ostrich strips to make a tasty stew, curry or stir fry
  • Grill an Ostrich steak on the grill or on the braai for a traditional South African style lunch or dinner!