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Are you running Gun Run this weekend?

Here are some tips to make sure you are well fuelled and ready to go!

  • During the week leading up to the race, your training will taper but make sure that you keep your intake up. Don’t wait until the last day to fuel up
  • A mix of both carbs and protein is important. Starting a race with a full store of carbs can improve performance and endurance so make sure to fill up on grains, starchy vegetables and fruits the week before the race
  • Many people wait until the night before the race to eat their big meal. Try making your big meal at lunchtime. This allows your body more time to digest the meal and process the nutrients. It will also minimise the risk of stomach problems during the night or on the morning of the race
  • Make sure to drink lots of fluids so that your body is well hydrated
  • On the morning of the race, make sure that you eat about 2 hours before you start. The meal should be something that you have often and that you know works for you – don’t try anything new!

Later this week we’ll look at guidelines for during the race and recovery afterwards. Happy fuelling!

Contact Toni Smyth, Dietician’s in Cape Town, for more nutritional guidelines to complement your training!