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People often think that skipping meals will help them to lose weight quicker. In actual fact, this does more harm than good. When you skip a meal, you are telling your body that you are starving today, and it goes into starvation mode. When you eat, your metabolism works to break the food down for use in the body. When you skip a meal, your metabolism doesn’t need to work and begins to slow down, Then, the next time that you do eat, your metabolism cannot break down the food as quickly and the excess will end up being stored as fat. You may see results when you skip meals, but these are short term results, when your metabolism starts slowing down, so will weight loss, and it will become more difficult to shed those kilos.

When you eat a proper breakfast, lunch and dinner and incorporate healthy snacks in between, you keep your metabolism working effectively. By eating a variety of foods, rather than the same meals day in and day out, you constantly challenge your metabolism and prevent it from getting lazy. When your metabolism works effectively, weight loss becomes easier and more sustainable.

When you think about weight loss, it is important to look at long term goals and not short
term gratification. You can lose weight quickly, but are the health risks and potential long term complications worth it? Making dietary changes that can be sustained in the long term is the secret to losing weight. It’s not about going on a diet, it’s about changing your habits by incorporating healthy eating patterns that contribute to good health and can last a lifetime!

5 ways to give your metabolism a boost:

  1. Eat breakfast! Eating a healthy breakfast is a great way to set your metabolism in motion so that it works effectively for the rest of the day!
  2. Eat regularly. By eating small regular meals, you help your metabolism to process the nutrients more effectively.
  3. Stop skipping meals! Depriving your body of fuel is the easiest way to slow it down!
  4. Eat a variety of food. If you eat the small meals day in and day out, your metabolism gets lazy. Challenge it by including a variety of foods and trying different combinations.
  5. Exercise! A combination of cardio and weight training works best to keep your metabolism in check!