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Not eating enough? Don’t you mean eating too much?

While eating too much is an obvious reason for not losing weight, eating too little is often overlooked.

People typically slash their calories to very low levels in the hope their fat loss will be quick. Unfortunately, all this does is cause your body to slow down its metabolism and hold onto the fact that it thinks it’s going to need in the future.

Your goal should be to restrict your calories by assessing your intake and replacing unhealthy habits without skipping meals or eating next to nothing!

Here are 5 quick swaps to help you cut back on calories without starving your body of essential nutrients:

  1. Swap calorie dense snacks such as sweets, chocolates or biscuits for fresh or dried fruit
  2. Swap regular mayo for its low-fat counterpart
  3. Use balsamic vinegar or lemon juice to dress your salad instead of olive oil
  4. Invest in a non-stick pan – this way you can use less oil when prepping your meals
  5. Replace fruit juice and fizzy drinks with good old fashioned water!