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This weekend will be a challenging time for those trying to lose weight.  Society,
and specifically, chocolate manufacturers, have made Easter more about chocolate
Easter eggs than about the actual celebration of Easter.

Chocolate, no matter what type, is high in fat (saturated fat nogal) and sugar, and will most certainly not compliment a weight loss plan when eaten on a regular basis. Dark chocolate is often reported to be healthy. While it is rich in flavonoids, there is no getting
around the high-fat content, and portion control remains extremely important.

Here are some tips to help keep you on track over the coming weekend:

  •  Remember that Easter is a celebration, so you should allow yourself to enjoy it.
    Plan your treats, so that you stick to them and don’t end up overindulging
  • Go on – have a hot cross bun! Substitute it for your morning or afternoon snack
  • Having one Easter egg will not put you off track, as long as you keep disciplined and stop at 1. Not 2 or 3 or 4!
  • When buying Easter eggs, buy one per person instead of five per person. This way you won’t have leftovers that lurk in the cupboard and call your name for the days and weeks that follow
    If you are having Easter lunch or dinner, remember to make wise food choices during these meals to allow for treats in between
  • Make this weekend more about family time and less about food!
  • Remember that Easter is only one day; it is not the be all and end all of your healthy eating plan. Monday morning, get back on track!