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Keeping motivated to make a lifestyle change (such as incorporating healthy eating habits) is difficult at the best of times. When your motivation wanes a bit, it takes a lot of self- discipline to keep on track. Here are some tips to help you keep your motivation levels flying:

  •  Remember why you are doing it – whether it is fitting into a dress for an event, for health reasons, or in preparation for a sporting event, keep in mind the reason that you started out!
  • Give yourself a break – have a weekend where you don’t even think about your meal plan. Just relax and treat yourself. Don’t go all out, but let go a little bit!
  • Look at how far you have come – reviewing the progress you have made, be it weight loss, improved energy levels or increased fitness levels, can help motivate you to keep going. We often forget how much we have achieved!
  • Pick a challenge – setting goals for yourself and working towards the cut off is one of the best ways to keep motivated! Enter a race, have a bet with your spouse or set a more personal goal. It’s amazing what a little competition can do for your motivation levels!
  • Read some good quotes or blogs – reading health and nutrition blogs can keep you informed and give you fresh ideas to try out. Make sure the info is reliable and don’t believe everything you read!
  • Talk about your feelings – making a lifestyle change is a big deal. Talk to a loved one, to your Dietician, or to a Counsellor so that they can help you through any hurdles and offer a good support base.
  • Try new foods/recipes – variety is the spice of life! Keep things new and exciting. When you eat the same thing day in and day out it is easy to get bored!
  • Plan and be prepared – the easiest way to keep motivated is to ensure you have the correct tools (in this case food) on hand. Planning is the key to success!