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Winter can play havoc with a healthy lifestyle. Firstly, our diets often change from light meals with lots of salad to more warm, comfort-style foods. Secondly, there is no denying how difficult it is to get moving when it’s freezing cold outside! Here are a few tips to help you keep fit and healthy this winter!

Choose soups that are low in fat: Avoid creamy store-bought soups. These can often be high in fat and salt and not as healthy as they may seem. The homemade soup would be the best bet, but when convenience wins, make sure to choose non cream based soups. Also, compare food labels and choose the options lower in total fat content. Keep reading over the next few weeks for some healthy soup recipes

Make healthy stews and curries: There is no reason why you can’t enjoy steaming stews and curries during winter! Opt for lean proteins, such as chicken or ostrich and avoid creamy sauces. Tomato based curries and stews are a fantastic option. Watch your sides, choose brown rice, barley or bulgar wheat as a low GI option and bulk up with lots of veggies

Keep your portions under wraps: While your food choices may change slightly during winter, make sure that your portions are still controlled. Bulk up with extra veggies or a cup of vegetable broth if you feel you need a little bit extra!

Keep your fluid intake up: It is often a struggle to drink enough water during the winter months. Make a mental note to drink water regularly, or use herbal teas as a warm alternative. Be careful not to overdo your caffeine intake!

Fit in exercise: A run in the rain might not sound like the most exciting proposal, but look for “winter friendly” opportunities to exercise. Get a seasonal gym membership, take up squash at the local club, or book a few yoga or pilates classes as an indoor alternative. Alternatively, get a group of friends together and try something fun! There are many beginners ballet, hip hop and kickboxing classes on offer around Cape Town and the rest of South Africa!

Contact Toni Smyth, Dietician’s in Cape Town, for more tips or to book an appointment!