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I thought it best to start my first blog by way of introduction, so here goes!

My name is Toni Smyth. I am a Registered  Dietician and have recently started my own practice in Claremont Cape Town.

Before I say anything more, let me clarify one thing. Just because I am a Dietician, it does not mean that I survive on celery sticks and boiled chicken. I. LOVE. FOOD.  I can spend hours in the grocery store, love eating out and love trying new recipes and meals. And just to be clear, I hate celery!

Now that we have cleared that misconception up – let’s talk about food!

I love the fact that “home grown” is coming back into fashion. We find ourselves surrounded by fresh produce markets and deli-style eateries selling fresh, tasty and healthy meals. Nothing better!  Goodbye Golden arch, hello good wholesome food! Every day I find myself  explaining the importance of choosing fresh, nutrient-dense foods over their  refined counterparts, and I am thankful that the current trends make it easier
for people to follow these guidelines!

Two if the great markets I have come across in Cape Town are:

The Stellenbosch Slow Market:

The Hout Bay Market:

Do you know of any more hidden gems?