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Don’t let St Paddy’s day get you down – it is possible to enjoy a few cold ones and a meal at your local Irish pub and still keep on track with your diet. Here’s how:

  • Stay off the Guinness and choose a fine Irish Whiskey to sip on instead
  • Choose white wine and spritzer it with soda water
  • Be conscious of how fast you are drinking – try to take small sips and make your drink last longer
  • Drink still or sparkling water in between drinks
  • If you will be eating out – stay away from the beef and Guinness pie! Choose a steak, chicken or fish main and order salad or veg instead of chips. If you really feel the need to have a starch, order a baked potato and give the sour cream a skip
  • Get involved in some Irish dancing and work off some calories!
  • The most important tip – have fun! Being on diet doesn’t mean that your life has come to an end – get that Irish groove on!