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Myth 1: The less you eat, the more weight you`ll lose!

Truth: This is simply not true! Skipping meals, or restricting energy intake to extremely low levels may seem like a good weight-loss strategy but it will backfire as our body tries to conserve as much energy as possible. Much of the apparent weight loss will be water. Your metabolism will slow down and weight loss will become more difficult in the long term.

Myth 2: Low-fat or fat-free means low calories.

Truth: Don’t assume all low-fat and fat-free foods are low in calories. Many are actually higher in calories because sugar and refined starches are added to make up for the lost fat and make them taste better. Don’t just check the fat content of your food, it is also recommended to look at the number of calories.

Myth 3: Skim and low-fat milk have less calcium than full cream milk.

Truth: Not true! The calcium is in the watery part of the milk, not the creamy part, so skimming the cream does not affect the calcium content!

Myth 4: More protein builds more muscle

Truth: Protein requirements are increased for high-intensity strength training, but while extra protein might work for those exercising to optimal levels, it won`t help those involved in low to moderate intensity workouts.

Myth 5: Eating breakfast makes me hungrier, so I end up eating more!

Truth: It’s true that eating breakfast makes you hungrier throughout the day. But this is a good thing! By eating breakfast you kick start your metabolism, allowing your body to burn more calories during the day!