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  1. Eat a proper breakfast, lunch and snacks the day leading up to the function. If you aren’t ravenous when you arrive you are less likely to overeat
  2. Drink lots of water in the day leading up to the function so that you don’t arrive dehydrated. This can leave you feeling drained and tired
  3. Choose your drinks wisely. If they are serving alcohol, stay away from cocktails and mixers that contain lots of calories. Stick to a glass of wine or a whiskey and soda. Pace yourself and drink plenty of water in-between drinks
  4. If its finger food, avoid deep fried snacks such as samosa’s and spring rolls and rather choose lean protein or veg options
  5. Stay as far away from the snack table as possible – out of sight out of mind!
  6. If it’s a sit-down meal, make sure that you dish up or serve something similar to what you would eat at home
  7. Fill your plate with salad and veg and choose a grilled protein rather than something fried. Keep carbs to a minimum
  8. If you feel like treating yourself with desert choose a healthy option such as fruit salad or fruit sorbet or order a coffee instead of something sweet
  9. Be social – spend your time chatting to colleagues and building relationships rather than focusing on your next drink or snack
  10. Dance! Burn off some calories by hitting the dance moves and showing off your brilliant moves!